Trust Your Master

IMG_3279From the M4M Facebook page – wanted to share on our blog too!:

Tom is in Africa for 3 weeks so thought I would put down some thoughts here if I can’t actually post! Savor the blessings of today:

Before my quick morning routine of running a cordless vac over my tile flooring, removing the abundance of black Piper-dog hair, I stepped outside to give this pup a good brushing as a bit of a preventative measure, I suppose. Piper has been less than thrilled with this new routine and today was no different. I sensed her lack of cooperation rising and time was tight so I gave her some space for a moment then simply stood firmly beside her and positioned her in a way so she knew I would do all the work while she was simply to just stand there. I would even hold up her unbalanced back end as my firm right hand held the space of her missing hind leg.

As I brushed I spoke calmly to her as the mounds of dead, weighty fur came of by the handfuls. Surely the brushing felt good and she loves to hear my soothing voice. She trusts me. She knows of my love. She let me work and she seemed pleased with the touch and time together.  She could have ran, she could have fought, but she stayed and let me do the work. She knows my voice, she has learned to let me do most of the work in her life as she enjoys her new life in my home. She has had to let go of fear of abandonment and pain and let me love her. She has chosen well and now she is resting well. Of course this has taken time as nothing worth having comes too easily.

This was such a great reminder of my need to choose to stop running or trying to do so much myself and let my Master hold me up and do His work through me. He is caring for us and loving us far more than we can fathom. It is up to us to receive the love just waiting to be lavished upon every single one of us–today and every day.


  1. Bless you!! Amen!! I love “hearing” what the Father is showing you!