She Walks Best at a Different Pace



Not since spring have I left for a walk with Piper in long sleeves (me, not her), but this beautiful morning called for them with temperatures in the 50’s. Piper loves our walks and as she was deprived of yesterday’s because of Amy being in Colorado and Sara and I having packed schedules, she was raring to go this morning.

I seldom think about her missing hind leg, but on walks I am reminded as she meanders ahead of me. We have taken to letting her roam off leash, even on the street before we get to the trails. Cars are few and she stays close, but we have noticed that she walks so much better at her own pace, a pace different than ours. I can’t image what it was like to learn to walk, not alone run, with a missing leg, but Piper does both with joy, grace and abandon. She stays right with us, but following her own pace – allowing for jogs and stops, sniffs and chases.

img_4394Once again God used Piper to remind me of these two incredible truths – different and with. He designed each of us to be a little bit different, no two alike. We operate at our best at the pace He designed for us as long as we remain always walking with Him.






My editor…img_4396


  1. Randy Wolff says:

    Tom, great lesson. I am so vulnerable to dog stories. I want be be as good a person as my dog thinks I am. We can learn from them. Also, love the photo of your editor.
    Looking forward to seeing you at PFCC in late October. Blessings my friend.

  2. Nice