Love They Self

51I3UJ2fA2L._SY300_In order to receive good things, we must believe we are worthy of good things. If we don’t, we subconsciously reject the gift as it works its way down to our hearts and finds the doors locked.

The gift may be beautiful, sincere and true – a complement; a lesson designed to impart truth and goodness; or release from shame, guilt or fear. The feelings attached to gifts may seem good and packed with potential to have lasting impact, but if the deeply rooted beliefs about self are based in poor soil, the gift will wither and die.

If I spend the majority of my life subconsciously cursing my body—making internal and/or external comments about how I have ugly feet, too many age spots, unattractive pale skin, or weak eyelashes—I am unable to receive genuine compliments that are designed to build me up. Instead they become words I reject in the deep confines of my heart where I have made agreements that trump any well intended gift sent my way—no matter who the giver.

God my Creator made me, all of me. I have had cancer, weak joints, depression and anxiety over the course of my life. What if I repented (changed the way I think) about the gift of my body and began to breath life into it relationally like I hope to do to those around me? What if it is true that our thoughts create much of our outcome and our healing? While my thoughts can’t change the pigment of my skin and hair, my attitude towards the whole me has the potential to impact my belief that contributes to my mental and physical wholeness when in alignment with God. More importantly, what if by doing this I show honor, praise and worship to my Creator, the one who wants full Life for me? Letting Him lead me and guide me into truth?

…Something for me to start consciously (and subconsciously!) doing differently, regardless of what I “see.” After all, we give power to whatever we give attention to.

Father, thank you for making me just as I am. Rather than harboring bitterness towards my mind and body, even when I am not all that conscious of it, I will choose to be grateful for my uniqueness and praise you for the breath in my lungs. You made me.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.   Psalm 139:14


  1. Beautiful and thought inspiring words to ponder…thank you!