Made For More ministries announces the successful launch of Horses-Healing-Hope (HHH), an innovative emotional and spiritual recovery program for breast cancer survivors.

The concept was born when Made For More ministries (M4M) co-founder, Amy Hauser was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma – breast cancer. What appeared at first to be a stumbling block for Amy and her husband Tom in their launching of M4M became a tremendous learning and sharing opportunity. M4M is the culmination of years of trials, missteps and personal growth, resulting in a desire to share how women, young and old, can discover and grow their value and identity in Christ. God used the cancer time for additional growth and to more fully prepare her and her family for His plan for the ministry.

While battling breast cancer, Amy discovered an unexpected avenue to experience God and His grace: blogging. Originally a vehicle to keep friends and family medically informed, it became a release for Amy’s emotions and a source of inspiration to others. Heeding the many readers who encouraged her to publish her blogging journal in book form, In His Grip: A Walk Through Breast Cancer will be published in summer 2012, with the plan to use it as a connecting and healing tool for Horses.Healing.Hope. participants.

God led Amy and Linda Darnall {co-founder of Panther Creek Inspiration Ranch (PCIR)} in developing a program integrating the use of horses, the healing work of EAP (Equine Assisted Psychotherapy through licensed therapist, Shirley Wheeler), and the hope available only through Christ, shared through a survivor.

HHH offers unique programs for breast cancer survivors whether newly diagnosed or having completed treatment. Small groups of women, meeting in a serene outdoor environment, provide a peaceful respite from doctors’ appointments, the barrage of informational overload, constant decision making and the inevitable fear accompanying this frightening disease. Healing time with veteran survivors, other women currently facing the same issues and horses who reflect the true state of hurting hearts and souls, brings issues gently to the surface to be addressed in a safe and understanding environment. Bountiful resources are available yet structure is fluid to accommodate each individual’s needs and comfort level.

After surviving the medical and surgical portions of breast cancer, women enter into an unknown and unanticipated world that Amy calls the “New Normal.” Hair has grown back, the world and even family view the survivor as back to “normal,” but the survivor does not feel the same, think the same, is NOT the same. EAP combined with uniquely personal activities allow for individual redefining and rediscovering to take place. Connecting with a small circle of women who are sharing a similar journey results in an outcome that is both intense and beautiful.

Ironically, as HHH was being developed, Gemma, a gentle PCIR ranch horse, suffered from terrible mastitis infections in her breasts and required surgery. Equine Veterinary doctors at Texas A&M University performed a bilateral mastectomy as the only solution to her chronic condition. Gemma returned to the ranch and was greeted by four HORSES-HEALING-HOPE program participants, as well as Amy, that knew exactly what she was feeling. With carrots, brushes, and loving arms to sooth her, all five poured their affections over her. Through a most unlikely connection, five women all shared a common bond and experienced healing as they soothed a similar physical wound in a fellow creature. God certainly works in mysterious ways!

Gemma will now be an ongoing visual reminder, resource and inspiration for the future participants of HORSES-HEALING-HOPE for many years to come.

M4M is very excited to launch HORSES-HEALING-HOPE. Thousands of women, each with their own individual wounds, are in need of healing and hope. Physical disease may be gone, but emotional and spiritual wounds remain. Facing these unseen issues is critical to recovery and a happy, fulfilled life going forward.

With God’s blessing, HHH will offer that healing and hope to an ever increasing number of women, including those without means, by one day offering sponsorships.