Finding More

Marriage is under attack from every possible angle, societally, financially, spiritually. And if these broadsides are not enough, toss in a life crisis or two and you may just be ready to throw in the towel.

Finding More, Discovering the More in Your Marriage, was written by Amy K. Hauser and T.J. Hauser, Breast cancer survivor and co-survivor.

But this book isn’t a book about breast cancer.  Nor is it about any other type of cancer or medical crisis. It’s a book about marriage relationships and sharing ways to discover (or reawaken) the more in your marriage.

Tom and Amy share their story (and related pitfalls), offer helpful steps to get you back on track, and finally, sprinkle in a few exercises to help you reconnect.  Nothing fancy, nothing earth shattering.  They won’t be featured on Oprah, or Dr. Phil.  Just real life questions designed to help you find the more in your marriage.

Finding More offers hope when there appears to be none. Survival tips from an imperfect, often badly mismatched couple that made it through.

Brutally honest and open; laugh, cry and give your marriage a chance to be More. More than your present circumstances, More than the sum of your past mistakes and More than self-imposed limitations of your future.

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