Either, or…or?

So my good friend Andrew and I are driving down the Hardy toll way, avoiding the nightly nightmare that is I-45 and looking forward to seeing the Astros play the Giants. The Astros are off to their best start in 30 years (it won’t last, but it’s fun while it does) and the Giants are World Series champs 3 of the last 5 years.

We were discussing a deeply thoughtful conundrum about marriage, divorce and relationships, especially the relationship God desires and pursues with each of us…Is God more interested in preserving “one flesh,” the marriage, or in personal relationships with each of us, relationships so dear to His heart that Jesus died to reconnect us to Him? What if the continuation of a marriage causes one or both partners’ relationship with God to sour or be severely damaged? Which is more important to God?

Good question, maybe even a great question with marriage under attack from all quarters. What if a relationship has reached a point where continuing will cause so much pain or resentment that God will be pushed away? To clarify, we were not talking about situations of abuse, but basic perceived irreconcilable differences.

We did talk about it, at length, but our conclusion is not the point of this blog…

As I was forming thoughts on this poser and navigating through the toll plaza, another option/thought entered into my soon-to-be Coke and roasted peanut encumbered brain. What would God Himself say? “Good question, except that I am not limited to either, or…”

Ouch, my limited thinking exposed again. We live in a natural world, created by a supernatural God. We are bounded and limited, He is unbounded and unlimited. He can reach into our world and remove our bounds and limitations. If you are a Star Trek fan, Captain Kirk confounds a no-win test at the academy by “cheating.” When faced with the no win computer scenario, he secretly reprograms the computer. When asked why, he responds, “I don’t believe in the no-win scenario.”

Neither does our God.

“My thoughts are not like your thoughts.
And your ways are not like my ways,” announces the Lord.
“The heavens are higher than the earth.
And my ways are higher than your ways.
My thoughts are higher than your thoughts.

Isaiah 55:8-9 (NIRV)