Trust Your Master

From the M4M Facebook page – wanted to share on our blog too!: Tom is in Africa for 3 weeks so thought I would put down some thoughts here if I can’t actually post! Savor the blessings of today: Before my quick morning routine of running a cordless vac over my tile flooring, removing the […]


We moved recently, downsized really, a move we should have made several years ago but didn’t because banks have this irritating policy of not wanting to make a you a smaller mortgage when your income is indeterminate, but are perfectly happy for you to go on paying for the bigger one. {Full disclosure – I […]

It Really Is That Simple

I honestly didn’t know what to write. I felt prompted to write, that I was supposed to write and I just wrote an entry but soon found myself deleting the whole thing. Words and even topics eluded me. Fear of having value crept in, so with the touch of a button it was gone. After […]

Look Up!

Change is everywhere I look these days – something I innately want to buck and fight. My survival instinct says, “fight to regain control and be comfortable!” then my recently uncovered true survival instinct, the more grand revealed Spirit which resides over the survival instinct, says “trust and stay strong, perhaps stronger than you ever […]

Tower Gardens and little life lessons…

A month ago I decided to pull out the JuicePlus Tower Garden I‘d purchased last Fall. The original plan for this amazing contraption was to be part of the Outpost Experience for the Angel Reach youth, one component of a well-thought-out program designed to touch the lives of the aged out foster youth in Montgomery […]

Either, or…or?

So my good friend Andrew and I are driving down the Hardy toll way, avoiding the nightly nightmare that is I-45 and looking forward to seeing the Astros play the Giants. The Astros are off to their best start in 30 years (it won’t last, but it’s fun while it does) and the Giants are […]

The Waiting

The waiting is the hardest part  Every day you see one more card  You take it on faith, you take it to the heart  The waiting is the hardest part  The Waiting, performed by Tom Petty …. I hate to wait and I love to wait. It all depends on what I’m waiting for. A […]

Lessons Learned

I sense a season of isolation coming to a close. It has been a long one and much has been learned, revealed, and stripped away. Life as we have recently known it has gradually been set free and a new day is emerging. Our outer layers of strength and success, self-protection and self-preservation have been […]

Today I Choose 

Today I choose to write. Today I choose to live. Today I choose to love. Today I choose to learn. Today I choose to laugh. Today I choose to pour out my love and gratitude unto the Lord who gave me life and breath and who loves me beyond measure. Today I have given you […]

Hope and Expectation – Sorry Seth, I Disagree on This One

I enjoy reading Seth Godin, his common sense yet often outside the box (there’s a box???) angles and observations. Even his strictly business-based thoughts have great, practical application to living and interacting with my fellow man. Those observations are often keen and always well thought out. I find myself nodding in agreement almost every day. […]