Isolation, Solitude & Kindness

It rained hard last night, only letting up well after dawn. My long anticipated golf game was washed out, so I decided on a long hike instead. Traipsing along on my return leg, I noticed a single set of distinctive prints in the moist earth. Taking a step back, I realized they were mine! I’m […]

Baby Steps

So much for a regular blog post! Rather than beating myself up over it, I will simply start with a baby step. Just. Start. Small. I am reaching out. One thing I learned well during my breast cancer journey (yet seem to have forgotten) is how good the written word was for my mental health […]

Musing in this COVID-19 Season

4.6.2020 It has been over a month since we began hearing the term “Coronavirus” nearly every day. It seemed harmless enough at the time…like the flu. The immediate impact on the beer company’s stock seemed a bit drastic and then the cancellations of Spring Break 2020 started to make this thing personal. Covid-19 soon became […]

Strength – Two Day’s Reflections

I wrote a few personal journal entries this past week and decided to share them in succession in hopes they may encourage you in some way today. Tuesday I am so noticing that when I actually carve out 5-15 minutes of time early each morning and simply worship and root my day in the truth […]

Joy and Perfection

You watched me as I was being formed in utter seclusion, as I was woven together in the dark of the womb. You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed. Psalm 139:15-16 NLT I didn’t […]

Made My Day

It was the first day of classes at the Christian school where I work and Piper and I were out for a walk before the sun was up. Amy and Sara were in Ames, getting ready for the first day of classes and checking out the sorority recruitment process. Maybe it was the heat and […]

On Critics and Naysayers

What if we quit listening to the naysayers, the critics, the news, celebrities with more dollars than sense and whatever society tries to convince us is currently in vogue?  What if we were the one with guts, the one in the arena who “failed?”  It’s easier and safer to take cheap potshots, second guess after […]

Running the Race

When I was going through breast cancer in 2010, so many of you were praying for me that I could feel the strength that came in countless ways through that community of support. Why then have I not asked for the same support through difficult times that have hit since then? I believe the enemy tries hard […]

On Electing Leaders – or Statesmen(persons)

With the upcoming election dominating the news, I find myself intrigued, troubled and yet strangely at peace. Intrigued by the pure bizarreness of it all. Troubled by the divisiveness, negativity and polarity. At peace knowing (as a history buff) that things have been this ugly many times before – the 1800 and following elections were […]

She Walks Best at a Different Pace

  Not since spring have I left for a walk with Piper in long sleeves (me, not her), but this beautiful morning called for them with temperatures in the 50’s. Piper loves our walks and as she was deprived of yesterday’s because of Amy being in Colorado and Sara and I having packed schedules, she […]