Baby Steps

So much for a regular blog post! Rather than beating myself up over it, I will simply start with a baby step. Just. Start. Small.

I am reaching out. One thing I learned well during my breast cancer journey (yet seem to have forgotten) is how good the written word was for my mental health as well as my physical and spiritual health. I didn’t want to write but did it anyway as I heard it was a helpful way to connect with others and with what was going on inside of me. 

I don’t know about you, but I need connection right now. All this social distancing is getting to me and while there has been SO MUCH good that has come from this season, it is hard on my heart. I need people…a lot. I need to be around folks more than I have realized lately. While Zoom calls, texts and the waves of friendly walkers on the trails are all great, they are no replacement for a long hug or love pat from someone we truly “know”.

Writing gets me out of the random, disorganized thoughts that tend to overwhelm this head of mine and make order of ideas that are pen-worthy and toss to the curb ones that are not.

Hopefully, this process will blaze new neural pathways and let “grass” grow over some that lead to nowhere. Taking authority over the blahs! How are you taking care of your need for connections through COVID quarantine?


  1. We are each unique. Some need people around them while others are fine being alone. I like my quiet times when I write, ride my bike, work in the garden, and more. But I also need the occasional conversation. I like connecting with family and friends, especially now. It can be hard to find the right balance. Bt we must try.