2:47 a.m. Up Late With God – is published!

  Just published 2:47 a.m. A devotional from the late night hours when doubt lurks and Father’s presence overcomes. “2:47 a.m. and fully awake again. I had options – try and go back to sleep, lie still and stew until dawn, or take it to Father. I fired off questions, requests, demands and sometimes-angry ravings […]

“Happy Holidays” – Is that a Challenge?

Confession – I have been so tempted to make it one. Don’t these people (I sound like Ross Perot!) have the guts to say Merry Christmas? Are they more concerned about offending a few while alienating the many? Where is their commitment, their loyalty, and their faith? As I was stewing, the still small voice […]

Who Am I?

I’m going to risk sharing another piece of 2:47 a.m. It is one of my actual written prayers – by far the longest and one of the most meaningful and impactful to me. It flowed to me with remarkable clarity over two different nights, several months apart. Since I added further explanation after the prayer and response, […]

Doubtstorms – feedback desired

The following draft is from my latest writing effort – 2:47 a.m. – Awake, Anxious & Fearful, a collection of late night writings resulting from the realization that for most of my life, my prayers consisted mainly of me firing off questions, requests, demands and sometimes-angry ravings heavenward, but seldom, very seldom, waiting or listening for […]

…Until I Met a Man With No Legs

Sunday was busy, busier than normal. Saturday was the homecoming dance and my little girl somehow got old enough to go. Ross was back from school, Amy and I had a wonderful time fellowshipping with friends late into Saturday night and we still wanted to spend some time with each of the kids before homework […]

Slow Down

Early morning finds me walking in Livingston State Park, clearing my head and communing with Father before I get back to finishing 2:47 a.m. Spending a few days in seclusion to work on the book, I still need to quiet my mind each morning from the noise and busyness that have always been in my […]

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Since we haven’t posted in awhile, I thought I would kill two birds with one blog – update y’all on our China trip and share a draft of an introduction to chapter 4 of a book I have been working on these past couple of months called 2:47 a.m. ############# When our daughter Sara turned fourteen, […]

…And Who Else?

I took an early walk this morning – before the heat and humidity reached oppressive levels (well, one out of two). The house was empty except for the critters – Ross and Sara were off to Edge camp and Amy was overnight hosting Family Promise at The Loft. TMI, I know, but since Spike yipped […]

State Fairs, Junk Food and Eternity

“Be in the world but not of the world.” That piece of wisdom has been around for as long as vacation bible school has doled out red Kool-Aid with Oreo cookies – one of my earliest memories from the basement classrooms at the Church of Christ in Union, Iowa. Truthfully, I had to look the […]

Fear, Type One and Type Two

When was the last time the icy cold grip of fear grasped you in the wee hours of the morning? A 3:30 a.m. cold sweat before an important presentation or job interview? A sudden wakefulness as a Niagara Falls of life’s questions washes over your unprepared and undefended psyche? You are not the first nor […]