Shouldn’t “Scrooge” Be a Compliment?

The annual Hauser family tradition of attending a live Christmas Carol was fulfilled once again this week at a small, intimate local theater with a traditional rendition of Charles Dickens’ classic Christmas tale. Despite only six cast members, the second greatest (in my humble opinion) redemption story of all time was magnificently played out. Once […]


We moved recently, downsized really, a move we should have made several years ago but didn’t because banks have this irritating policy of not wanting to make a you a smaller mortgage when your income is indeterminate, but are perfectly happy for you to go on paying for the bigger one. {Full disclosure – I […]

Either, or…or?

So my good friend Andrew and I are driving down the Hardy toll way, avoiding the nightly nightmare that is I-45 and looking forward to seeing the Astros play the Giants. The Astros are off to their best start in 30 years (it won’t last, but it’s fun while it does) and the Giants are […]

The Waiting

The waiting is the hardest part  Every day you see one more card  You take it on faith, you take it to the heart  The waiting is the hardest part  The Waiting, performed by Tom Petty …. I hate to wait and I love to wait. It all depends on what I’m waiting for. A […]

Hope and Expectation – Sorry Seth, I Disagree on This One

I enjoy reading Seth Godin, his common sense yet often outside the box (there’s a box???) angles and observations. Even his strictly business-based thoughts have great, practical application to living and interacting with my fellow man. Those observations are often keen and always well thought out. I find myself nodding in agreement almost every day. […]

Neither Should I

Fifty-four years, two hours and nine minutes ago as of this writing, my dad’s grain elevator in Union, Iowa exploded. A combustible combination of grain dust and oxygen, combined with a spark, blew the top clean off. No one was killed, but a couple guys were hurt, one being hurled several feet and slammed into […]

Count It What?

Note: I stumbled upon this beginning of a blog post in my writing file today, started New Year’s Eve’s two years ago. I liked it and felt it was worth finishing and sharing… While I firmly believe that the Bible is the infallible word of God, I do have several questions. Did God, like the […]

Battling the Waves

Clan Hauser has a very busy next few weeks, culminating in a big meeting to kick off the launch of making Healing Ranch a reality. Unfortunately (maybe I should say inevitably), some recent spare moments led to feeling early waves of overwhelmedness (overwhelmingness, overwhelming hood???) building up and threatening to knock me off balance and take […]

Life, Breath and Breathing

I started my simple bedtime prayers as a kid with “thank you for life, breath and breathing.” It seemed pretty simple back then, maybe too simple as I grew a little older; redundant too – breath and breathing? Should I thank Him for seeing and blinking too? Somewhere in middle or late adolescence the automatic […]

Connecting (excerpt from 2:47 a.m.)

I don’t generally do close relationships well and never have. That is not to say that I haven’t had, and still have, some dear ones, but overall I kind of suck at close relationships. I think it’s because I either tried way too hard or not hard enough… Kids my age were few and far […]