Look Up!

Change is everywhere I look these days – something I innately want to buck and fight. My survival instinct says, “fight to regain control and be comfortable!” then my recently uncovered true survival instinct, the more grand revealed Spirit which resides over the survival instinct, says “trust and stay strong, perhaps stronger than you ever […]

Tower Gardens and little life lessons…

A month ago I decided to pull out the JuicePlus Tower Garden I‘d purchased last Fall. The original plan for this amazing contraption was to be part of the Outpost Experience for the Angel Reach youth, one component of a well-thought-out program designed to touch the lives of the aged out foster youth in Montgomery […]

Lessons Learned

I sense a season of isolation coming to a close. It has been a long one and much has been learned, revealed, and stripped away. Life as we have recently known it has gradually been set free and a new day is emerging. Our outer layers of strength and success, self-protection and self-preservation have been […]

Today I Choose 

Today I choose to write. Today I choose to live. Today I choose to love. Today I choose to learn. Today I choose to laugh. Today I choose to pour out my love and gratitude unto the Lord who gave me life and breath and who loves me beyond measure. Today I have given you […]

Restoration & Healing, Not “Fixing”…

For years I prayed to be used in unique ways that speak into the lives of others. I have recently grasped the seriousness of those simple pleas to God – the reality that what He has in store for us is really not up to us, but rather a process of growing and learning and […]

Icy Roads

5:30 a.m. and awake again. I don’t like getting up this early, especially when I am stuck in a motel because of an ice storm just north of Dallas on my way to Iowa to attend my 99 year old grandmother Kathyrn’s funeral. The ice won’t begin to melt until noon but I am up […]

Part II…Dad Showed Me A Lot

My last blog entry has been pressing upon my heart the last couple of days so I decided I needed to mention some things I am pretty sure I left out. I failed to qualify that my earthly father was a wonderful man who loved God and loved others deeply. My dad passed away eight […]

Show, Don’t Tell

When I was a kid, I remember thinking my dad was such a serious guy. Serious and intense with sports, serious about work and money and serious about his outlook on life and even funny things that happened, often needing to find the “lesson” in life in order to impart his wisdom. As I have […]

Incredible, Dangerous Grounds

Decided today needs to be a journal entry style. Creative ideas are eluding me. I want to write and clear my mind each day and when I don’t have a topic to write about, I get frustrated. Starting a different format might get things moving… Menopause sucks. Especially when it started post chemo at the […]

Discipline or Disciple?

Discipline. Punishment. Consequence. These words elicit a sense of dread rather than causing love. Spiritually, they remind us of obedience (or lack thereof) driven by authority, fear and striving. I’m not a naturally self-disciplined person and I didn’t exactly develop it over the years either. My nature, or perhaps training and natural response, was to […]