A Step of Faith, Across the Ocean to Africa!

  Our apologies if we may have reached out directly and this is repetitive, but we are taking this opportunity to let our blog followers know about another step of faith…. This summer Ross, Sara and I along with roughly 15 others from WoodsEdge Community Church have an incredible opportunity to take a 17-day mission trip […]

Life Lessons From Piper

Piper joined our family one night in November, her tail wagging furiously, blurring the gap where her missing hind leg should have been. A three-year-old Flat Coated Retriever, she instantly won our hearts, her personality and mannerisms eerily similar to our beloved Tess – active, gentle, playful, smart and loves to and go on long […]

Mountain Highs; Growth in the Valleys

Soon we will mark the one-year anniversary of an incredible high in our lives. Ironically, it was not a high we were seeking, much less expecting. At the urging of a new friend and fellow author we journeyed to California to attend the Mt. Hermon Christian Writer’s Conference last March. We weren’t exactly sure why […]