About Us

Only days after her annual well-woman exam, Amy Hauser discovered a lump. This walnut-sized lump (stage II Invasive Ductal Carcinoma – breast cancer) would be only the first in a series of life altering events, for Amy, her family and the trajectory of her life.

Amy and her husband, Tom, journeyed through cancer with a boldness that is both inspiring and challenging. From Amy’s decision not to wear a wig so that her faith-light would not be hidden, to their re-commitment to each other, to devoting their lives to launching Made For More Ministries, Tom and Amy are sharing the hope and healing extended to them.

Their story is a testimony of God’s faithfulness and their commitment to Him and to each other. A journey they never wanted, but an experience they wouldn’t trade. They learned by God’s design, they were made for more.

Made For More Ministries exists to glorify God and bring others into a closer relationship with Him by encouraging individuals and couples to discover their God-given “more.”

Made for More values authentic relationships, radical obedience and transformative action and lives out this mission by providing tangible encouragement to people impacted by life’s challenges through written materials, speaking engagements, retreats and equestrian therapy.

You are Made for More

We believe each of us was created to be more than we are capable of being on our own – more than the sum of our current circumstances, life experiences or perceived limitations.  This “more” is given to us by God, our Creator, and He calls us to use our unique “more” to impact the lives of others.  This is the heart of Made For More Ministries… 1 Peter 4:10.