A Step of Faith, Across the Ocean to Africa!

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Our apologies if we may have reached out directly and this is repetitive, but we are taking this opportunity to let our blog followers know about another step of faith….

This summer Ross, Sara and I along with roughly 15 others from WoodsEdge Community Church have an incredible opportunity to take a 17-day mission trip to Kenya and Malawi, Africa.

Our time will be spent with Into Abbas Arms orphanage near Nairobi, Kenya,​ working construction projects, providing VBS programs for the children of the orphanage and of the community plus discipleship training and more. After this time of sharing and growing in Jesus’ love for the nations, we will travel to Lilongwe in Malawi, working with both Child Legacy and Kindle Orphan Outreach as we learn about the people and operations of both unique sites, repair wells, offer discipleship training, bible study, and participate in a youth conference held during our stay.

As the three of us grow in our love of the Lord, we welcome the opportunity to participate in an experience like this together and in company of great leadership and fellow servants longing to build relationships and share the gospel with fellow workers and residents of both the surrounding communities and of the facilities we visit. We are so excited to see how G​od will not only use us in powerful ways to impact the people of both Kenya and Malawi, but also show ​how ​He will use this experience to reveal more of His glory and draw us closer to Himself.

This trip will be from July 29 until August 14 and we would greatly appreciate your support! Firstly, and most importantly, through prayer. Prayer is vital to the success of the trip, for it is the strongest weapon. Some specific prayer requests include:

  • Protection of ALL our hearts, minds and souls. Not just the team, but of each person we encounter, that each will be open and receptive to receive the love of Jesus and what He has to say through us.
  • For safety, for healing of our own wounds that inhibit our effectiveness, and for the power of the Spirit to guide our steps and that pride in any form be removed so humility and fullness of Life be experienced each and every day!

Secondly, we are in true need of financial support. This trip will cost EACH of us $4,200. If we are to go, we are confident God will provide. If you feel prayerfully led to support us financially, you can visit:


You will be able to donate directly to our family fundraising efforts online and receive a receipt for tax -deductible contributions. If you prefer, you can simply mail us a check (185 W. Misty Dawn Dr., Conroe, TX 77385), made payable to WoodsEdge Community Church, and on the memo line only write, “Kenya/Malawi Mission Trip.” OUR FUNDRAISING DEADLINE IS MAY 20…only a few weeks from now!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Ross, Sara and I truly appreciate your support and look forward to hearing from you. Come July, we will send a reminder for prayer support and truly value each and every ​one offered in faith to our loving Father who longs to hear from us continually.

Oh and pray for Tom as he will be staying back at home with the pets and grateful for the work he has going on while we are away!

In Christ,

Amy, Ross, and Sara Hauser