A Bowl of Cherries

images (1)An eye-catching bowl of cherry tomatoes has been sitting on my kitchen counter for over a week. Deep, bold, shiny and red. Day after day they sit there to remind me to snack well. Each passing day, they continue to sit.

My habit of late has been to pass through the kitchen, open the freezer and grab a small handful of dark chocolate chips that are also in a bowl, but hidden and frozen! Whether in need of a snack or not, my mind remembers the sweet treat and indulges…again.

While making the evening meal preparations today, the tomatoes caught my attention so I added a few to my sauce and then popped a few into my mouth. Sweet Jesus, they tasted amazing! Why have I waited so long to dive in and savor these little slices of heaven? After tasting just how sweet they were, my taste buds have returned to the habit of healthy treats. I have been back to the bowl twice since then!

This simple example immediately reminded me of how I am with the God breathed written Word. When life pulls, I get pulled in and away so easily. I may see my Life Application Bible several times throughout the day, but for some reason my phone, hidden away in my purse, pulls me instead, even if it’s to good stuff, like dark chocolate! When I stop for a moment, open the Book of Life, I breathe deep and remember the sweetness.

Thank you Father for such sweet reminders.


  1. I think you are your mother’s daughter….